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Pastel Twisted Tapered Candle - Choice of Colour

Pastel Twisted Tapered Candle - Choice of Colour


A choice of Spring/Summer collection of all-natural beeswax spiral dinner candles. Listing is for one candle of your choice.


Note from manufacturer:

Each candle is hand made in our Hertfordshire Apiary. We use only raw beeswax extracted from hives (as opposed to factory made "beeswax" prevailing on the market). We do not use any chemicals, artificial colourants or blend of waxes. Dyes are naturally occurring ones. All you get is perfectly imperfect but natural and eco friendly candle. Minimal dripping (due to the candle shape) and long burning.


Size of candle: approx 14cm tall and 2cm wide at the bottom.


Burn time: approx 3hrs

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